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Dining Couture with Ami Kothari

Ami Mehta Kothari has been making sure our tables are well set and the presentation of the delicious food is as delightful as the flavors are. Having traveled the world, Ami has worked closely with brands like Muji, Four Seasons and others to help us get our party decor right. Style comes naturally to her and you can see she prefers earthy tones and organic fabrics in all her outfits. Whatever the occasion, she stands out in the crowd with her fashion choices. Ami has been a patron of Purple Panchi for a few months and has loved the cuts, fabrics, and styles they offer. Her favorite from their collection is Blooming Red Mogra Scalloped Set. It’s her go-to outfit for when she wants to keep it classic and casual and wants to accessorize her outfit to suit the occasion.

While there is so much that was discussed and so many thoughts exchanged, here is an excerpt from our candid chat….


AK: What inspires you?

AMK: I love the fact that you can create something beautiful from just about nothing. The possibility of infinite possibilities from things like my table styling workshops where I use and insist people use things they easily find at home. Of course the fact that I travel so much makes a big impact on the way I see things or envision things.


AK: Your weakness?

AMK: Chocolate…haha, everybody who knows me even a little knows how I can be bribed with chocolates.


AK: Favorite Movie?

AMK: I hate watching movies, plays and theatre maybe but movies are just not my thing…


AK: How many countries have you traveled to?

AMK: I think 40..or maybe 50…who keeps track of this, travel and food inspire me and fuel my creativity. I love taking off whenever I get a chance to.


AK: At a wedding what will you be seen wearing?

AMK: I love experimenting. My style can be classic on most days and then if I am in the mood very very chic. I experiment with cuts and silhouettes. Colours should be pastels or earthy colors for me. You will rarely see me wearing bright tones. Oh, and of course good fabrics. I hate fast fashion and cheap fabrics…it’s a big no-no. Through my travels, I have curated designers from everywhere and I love how a top from Morocco can be worn with pants from Tokyo and accessorized with earrings I bought in Paris..


AK: Purple Panchi to you is?

AMK: Comfortable and wearable.



AK: A typical day in your life?

AMK: If I am in Mumbai then I start my day with a bit of yoga or sometimes on the treadmill ( for all the chocolates I eat hahah). Followed by workshops or maybe a meeting for my Fragile X commitments…I like to spend time at home too, I am known to have friends and guests over all the time and I love prepping for every meal. I personally make sure the table is well set and that we have something healthy yet interesting to offer at home always. I am a homebody if I am not traveling and that is where I spend most of my time…


AK: What keeps you going?

AMK: The delight on the face of my guests when they come over for a meal to find a table that is well set and the pride I see in my parents or husbands eyes when I get recognized for my work with Dining Couture or even for the children I work with for Fragile X.


AK: Style is…

AMK: Personal.


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