Delectable, Delightful, and Diverse: The Hidden Gems of Delhi

If you have been to any of the dreamy haunts of Delhi on a dimly lit December evening you will know of the charms that this beautiful city holds, but seldom reveals. As lovers of all things travel we bring to you some rare intrigues of the city of Delhi, that you can experience yourself.


1. Pre-wedding Photo-shoot at Haveli Dharampura, Chandni Chowk

Haveli Dharampura Interiors p.c.

Haveli Dharampura is a 300-year-old mansion that has now been restored by the Heritage India foundation. There are many great features like restaurants, residential suites, and cultural events too, yet the remarkably photogenic building serves best as a backdrop for some really aesthetic wedding shoots.

The beginning of a lifelong journey during the wedding season goes extremely well with the luxuriant rusticity of the Mughals, the skyline adorned with medieval monuments and the big picture where romantic past is brought to life. A picturesque blend of beauty and romance, in our opinion, the perfect combination for that special photograph.

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2. Dinner and Romance with Jazz Music at The Pianoman Jazz Club, Safdarjung

The crowd cheers a band at the club p.c. GQIndia

Warm yellow light from over head chandeliers shining on highly polished wood, and the clink of wine glasses and cutlery blending in with some classic jazz numbers. No, it is not the script of some old Bollywood romantic, but a regular evening at one of Delhi’s most cultured dining experiences, The Pianoman Jazz Club.

Boasting of a cult-like following, the club offers a range of delectable food and beverages but the most remarkable feature is the regular live performances, including music and stand up acts. An easy choice for a good time with someone special.

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3. An Authentic Afghan Family Meal at the Afghan Darbar, Lajpat Nagar

The Afghani Mutton Kebab p.c.

An indisputably authentic Afghan menu, offering a range of wholesome traditional food, coupled with the convenience of location, the Afghan Darbar is a perfect family dining experience. The mutton chopan with Naan is the signature dish and we highly recommend the cucumber lassi. Do try to visit however during the weekdays to avoid the wait time.

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4. Handicraft Shopping at the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, Mansingh Road

Kerala Shadow Puppets p.c.

A government of India initiative, the satisfyingly active institution features a range of exhibitions, cultural events, and workshops all year around. It can easily become an excellent day out for a family if you have a taste for history and culture especially for children, for an engaging and educational experience.

Most rewarding is the small but well-curated and tastefully stocked shopping center featuring everything between Shadow puppets from Kerala and hand-painted furniture from Rajasthan under one roof, sold not for profit.

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5. Accessorizing at the Prakash Collection, Lajpat Nagar

Image Credits – An assortment of trimmings p.c.

Beads, pearls, lace, trimmings, and all things shimmery, shiny and fancy, the small shop offers everything you may need to add some sparkle and spice to your outfits. One of the most well-stocked stores in Lajpat Nagar, it is literally a one-stop shop for all your accessory needs.

Other than the regular embellishments for the apparels, they also have a limited range of jewelry that can add some style to an outfit. A must visit for all fashion enthusiasts and designers looking for inspiration.

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