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Handcrafted designer ethnic wear, using the highest quality of materials and fabrics, Purple Panchi offers you a treasured range of ethnic wear with the craft of fabric play. Our traditional crafts with a contemporary approach have inspired designs and motifs on our ethnic wear collection. We have innovative fabrics such as crush fabric which we utilize for our crushed cotton skirts, checked fabrics, striped fabrics for our pants and much more. These bespoke fabrics are luxurious and crafted to match every individual’s taste and style preferences. Every fabric is elevated with another craft, be it a crush fabric or dying colour to a fabric. Our unconventional and vibrant colour palette allows us to produce some of the latest styles in designer ethnic wear. 

India is a land rich in culture and tradition. Traditional handloom techniques have been passed down generations throughout the years and many communities still practice these handcrafting styles. We at Purple Panchi aim to highlight these intricate crafts and produce fashion that is traditional with contemporary quirks. 

When you speak of handloom, Ikat is a technique that has been prevalent in India over the years. Ikat is a resist dyeing technique that is used to dye the yarns before weaving the fabric. This process adds an apparent blurriness to the design. The end result of this process is a fabric dyed in a variety of colors. In the case of Ikat, the yarns are first bound before dyeing, which makes it different from the tie and dye technique, where the fabric is already woven. Ikat fabric has always been popular for its distinct style and unmatched beauty. This craft has stood the test of time and has outlived various fashion trends. Ikat continues to be every designer’s favourite. Another favourite handloom technique is banarasi weaving which is one the oldest and most enduring handloom techniques of India. Banarasi silks are extremely popular all over India. This craftsmanship was popularized by the Mughals in early India. Ancient Banarasi ensembles were woven with real gold and silver zari which were predominantly worn by royalties in that era. Sourced from the town of Banaras, this fabric has opulent motifs and extravagant sheen which makes it perfect for all kinds of wedding occasions. Jamdani is a fine muslin cloth on which decorative motifs are woven on the loom, typically in grey and white. This technique often used a mixture of cotton and gold thread. Jamdani is believed to be a fusion of the ancient cloth-making techniques of Bengal since the 14th century. This fabric is the most expensive product of Dhaka looms since it requires the most lengthy and dedicated work. Due to the exquisite painstaking methodology required, only aristocrats and royal families were able to afford such luxuries. Jamdani patterns are mostly geometric, plant, and floral designs. All these types of weaves make India a land of rich heritage and culture. 



Purple Panchi has an unconventional take on colour and designs. Our colour palette is sure to match every style preference as we always try to stay ahead of the fashion game. Our designer ethnic wear has traditional handcrafted clothing with a contemporary twist.  In our fabric play edit, we have items like crushed cotton skirts, kurtas and kurta sets, striped pants, checked jackets, tops and dresses. 

Crush fabric comes as a surprise to many because of the crumpled and crushed style. However, crushed cottons are a popular fabric among designers. Using an elaborate process involving trimming, heating and use of dye solutions, the cotton fabric is duly crushed, resulting in a wrinkled look with a wide range of designs including ethnic motifs or embroidery. Our crushed cotton skirts are a versatile piece as it can be paired with any designer kurta of your choice. Other bottoms in this collection are our dhoti pants that can be paired with our embroidered jackets or our wide range of short kurtas and kurtis. Checkered fabrics are a contemporary fabric that can be worn for a casual day out. Find checkered tops and jackets at Purple Panchi. Every piece of clothing is handcrafted with skill and care by our artisans. Do not miss out on traditions and style - shop the latest innovative fabrics and clothing at Purple Panchi and always be ahead in the fashion game.